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With the rise of digital access to all forms of media around the world, the modelling industry has certainly evolved in leaps and bounds over the last decades. It’s truly more diverse than ever before and there’s clearly no one-size-fits-all formula for making it as a catwalk model.


Nadia Boyko’s job is to emphasize the clothing or product while making it look natural.


A bathing suit is a key item in Nadia Boyko's wardrobe, and not because she spends all her time working on her tan by the pool or on the beach.

Nadia Boyko's Working Experience

The process on creating awesome projects.
  • 1. Castings

    Nadia Boyko has so far been to a significant number of castings both in Italy (Rome) and China (Beijing), where she presented herself in front of several clients and/or casting directors. Even when clients had seen her pictures, she still met in person to be sure that her photos were a recent representation of how she currently looked and to make sure her skin condition was the same.

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  • 2. Fitting

    Nadia Boyko has tried on clothing for fashion designers before a catwalk assignment the day after. Designers have checked things like the fit and drape of the fabric, as well as the overall appearance. As a fit model, Nadia Boyko is a professional model, who meets great height, bust-waist-hip, arm, leg, and other measurement requirements.

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  • 3. Fashion Modeling

    Nothing beats working for the top brands or the biggest and brightest names in the fashion industry, and it does a lot for your outlook and your career if you can latch on to big exclusive gigs. That’s easier said than done though; however, Nadia Boyko has worked her tail off just to get started in this particular field both in Oslo, Norway, Rome, Italy, and Beijing, China.

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  • 4. Glamour Modeling

    The main aim of Nadia Boyko’s glamour modeling has been to showcase her physical beauty and skills, either to promote her or to achieve a particular set of images for the benefit of the photographers or clients. Shoots have been done in many themes across different locations, as this has helped expand the range of the photographers’ skill set while also showcasing Nadia Boyko in various settings.

    Click here for a detailed list of modeling work done by Nadia Boyko


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    Nadia Boyko's Updates

    A passionate fashion model that believes in the power of creative ideas and great design.


    Nadia Boyko's process on creating awesome projects.

    Acting: This was a shooting session/ an activity in which a story was told utilizing its enactment by Nadia Boyko as an actress, who adopted a character—in as if she were on a theater scene, television, film, radio, or any other medium that makes use of the mimetic mode.
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    Photo: Polina Kulikovskikh
    Professional photographer

    Being spontaneous means opening our eyes up to the photographic opportunities around us. It means trying new photo techniques, having the desire to dive into the ins-and-outs of great photography. Being spontaneous as a model is a simple way to create more exciting photos and improve modeling skills.
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    Photo: @JoshFuchsMusic
    Amateur Photographer

    Nadia Boyko knows that it can be downright fun to strip down her inhibitions for the camera. She makes every languid pose look natural; she arches her back and elongates her limbs to the point of discomfort, but it pays off. Nadia Boyko seems impressive in the boudoir photo.
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    Photo: @JoshFuchsMusic
    Amateur Boudoir Photographer

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